Premier Partner Showcase

  • Utile 3mm League of Legends Seattle, WA

  • Upanel 1.5mm KIRO TV Studio – Seattle, WA

  • Upad III 3mm UAE Event

  • Upanel 1.5mm New Jersey, USA Corporate Lobby

  • Ustrip 16mm Melbourne, Austrailia

  • Upad III 3.9mm London, England

  • Utile 2.6mm Berlin, Germany

Unilumin – Leading the LED display industry with cutting edge innovations

Unilumin Group is the leading LED products and solutions provider offering high performance products and professional services worldwide.

With over 260 worldwide patents, Unilumin is leading the industry with cutting edge innovations for indoor and outdoor displays as well as lighting solutions.

Unilumin offers products in every category from high brightness outdoor signs to fine pitch indoor displays. Whether you need a permanent installation or a portable or rental product, Unilumin has the solutions you need.

Contact us today and let’s get your project started.

Featured Products

  • UPanel




    High definition display
    16:9 ratio standard cabinet with 2K, 4K and 8k compatibility
    Wide viewing angle – Vertical 165° / Horizontal 165°
    Die cast aluminum cabinet is ultra light and slim

  • Uslim III

    Uslim III

    Simple frame structure and rear maintenance
    Quick installation and disassembly
    Magnetic module design for indoor application

  • Upad III

    Upad III


    One panel available for concave and convex curves
    Panted high precision curving blocks support 0-10° concave curve and 0 -5° convex curve as well as 90° corners.
    One panel for indoor and outdoor applications

  • UTV-P Digital LED Sign

    UTV-P LED Sign

    Integral machine design, ultra slim and lightweight
    Cloud control and management system
    Cascading connection to play content across multiple displays
  • Unano

    Unano – For Portable or Rental Applications

    Edge protection
    Easy installation and latching connection system
    Curve support (convex and concave)
    Automatic calibration


  • Malls
  • Nightclubs
  • Casinos
  • Retail
  • Lobbies
  • Corporate


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